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Find cheap airline tickets to Belize, The narrow, crowded streets of BELIZE CITY can initially be daunting to anyone who has been prepared by the usual tales of crime-ridden urban decay.

Admittedly, at first glance the city is unprepossessing. Its buildings many of them dilapidated wooden structures stand right at the edge of the road, and few sidewalks offer refuge to pedestrians from the ever-increasing numbers of vehicles.

The hazards of Belize City, however, are often reported by those who have never been here. If you approach the city with an open mind and take some precautions with your belongings, you may well be pleasantly surprised.


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The city has a distinguished history, a handful of sights worth visiting and, particularly during the September celebrations , an astonishing energy. The seventy thousand people of Belize City represent every ethnic group in the country, with the Creole descendants of former slaves and Baymen forming the dominant element, generating an easy-going Caribbean atmosphere.

Belize City is divided neatly into north and south halves by the Haulover Creek , a delta branch of the Belize River. The pivotal point of the city centre is the Swing Bridge , always busy with traffic and opened twice a day to allow larger vessels up and down the river. North of the Swing Bridge is the slightly more upmarket part of town, home to the most expensive hotels. South of the Swing Bridge is the market and commercial zone, the location of all the city's banks and a couple of supermarkets. The city is small enough to make walking the easiest way to get around.

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