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Airline Ticket Reservations Faq's

Are taxes included in the price of my fare?
The price of the tickets includes taxes and fees which are imposed on air transportation by government authorities. Taxes and fees, which may represent a significant portion of the cost of air travel are either included in the fare or shown separately in the "TAX" box(es) of the ticket(s).

Is my ticket refundable or transferable?
Unfortunately tickets are NOT refundable or transferable. Is my ticket changeable? Yes, your ticket is changeable, but will result in penalties and possibly increased fares.

Is any type of cancellation insurance available?
No, cancellation insurance is not available.

What services are offered for children traveling alone?
Unaccompanied children, five through seven years of age, are accepted for most airline transportation. For a fee of $30 or more, an airline customer service agent will escort your child on and off the aircraft. All unaccompanied children will be escorted from point of check-in to the airplane where the child is placed in the care of a flight attendant. A parent MUST be present at check-in when their children are traveling alone.

Do I have to pay full fare for an infant?
An infant is a child under two years of age not occupying a seat. Once children reach their second birthday, they must be seated in an approved seat. One infant is permitted to travel free on US domestic flights for each passenger paying adult fare who is at least 12 years of age. Each additional child under 2 years of age accompanying the same adult passenger will pay the applicable accompanied child's fare whether they are occupying a seat or not.

What are International travel restrictions for children?
For international travel, an infant pays 10 percent of the applicable adult fare. All infants must have a ticket to travel. Passengers 16 years of age or younger MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Can I reserve a seat assignment?
Airlines offer reserved seat selection on most flights prior to departure. Boarding pass issuance is restricted to the day of flight. You can specify window, aisle, or no preference on Lowest-Airfare.com's Search Form. If you require or would like special seating arrangements, please type your request in the "special requests or information" on the reservation form at the end of the booking process.

Should I check-in at the gate?
If you have reserved a seat assignment, you must check-in. Reserved seats are subject to cancellation if not claimed at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time (45 minutes for international and overseas flights).

What is required when I check-in?
ALL ticketed passengers must show positive identification at check-in. Children must have a parent present at check-in. Tickets must be in each passenger's name.

What is required with International travel?
An international trip may require valid travel documents such as:

  • passport
  • visa
  • re-entry permit
  • health certificate
  • inoculation record
  • a ticket for the return journey or continuance of your trip
  • or ANY combination thereof.

Lowest-Airfare.com is NOT responsible for documentation. You are responsible for the proper documentation. Concerns about the required travel documents may be resolved by contacting the appropriate consulate or embassy.

How do I request special meals or other accommodations?
Please direct special requests in the "special requests or information" field on the reservation form.

What are the restrictions on last-minute bookings?
If traveling internationally, you MUST book your flight 14 days or more an advance. Lowest-Airfare.com does not allow International bookings less than two weeks prior to the departure date. Domestic airfare can be booked at anytime if the fare is electronically ticketed.

What is a back to back ticket?
When coupons from two or more tickets are issued at round trip fares for the purpose of circumventing restrictions. Airlines and travel agents are prohibited from issuing such tickets. Each airline reserves the right to deny transportation to passengers found using tickets in this manner. Travelers will be responsible for the difference between the fare paid and the fare of the actual itinerary.



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